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DXOMark: New iPhone 13 Pro Makes Places 4th In Cameratest – Critique Of Phone's Zoom Feature

Apple's most recent iPhone release was less of a complete hardware upgrade than a hardware tweak. There were barely any new features, although Cupertino did provide noticeable improvements to some areas of the device. One of the most heavily stressed improvements at Apple's most recent "California Streaming" event (where the iPhone 13 was unveiled) was the camera system, with Apple claiming that this was the "biggest camera improvement" of all time. Now, there's a reputable 3rd party evaluation of some of Apple's claims. DXOMark has just tested the camera quality of the iPhone 13 Pro in-depth and ranks the device in the top 5 smartphone cameras.

Praised For Photo Quality
DXOMark's evaluation of the various camera systems present in the test consists of 3 categories: photo, zoom, and video. The iPhone 13 Pro did exceptionally well in the photo category, earning 144 points. DXOMark praised the livelihood of its colours, beautiful skin tones, and slightly warm colour touch. Additionally, the camera is also very reliable in most situations, with good results that are even possible during rapid photo-snapping – thanks to the smartphone's quick and reliable "autofocus" feature. Even minute details and the white balance of photos taken both indoors and outdoors are praised:



Source: DXOMark

Critique Of The Camera's Zoom
Despite a great deal of praise being hoisted at the iPhone 13 Pro's camera system, DXOMark still wasn't without critique – for example, of the image noise noticed during conditions with less light. There's also the fact that the camera's "dynamic range" feature is relatively limited in situations with high levels of contrast. There's also definitely some need for improvement to the camera's zoom quality. When it comes to the "Zoom" category, DXOMark only gave the iPhone 13 Pro 76 points. Although the smartphone does offer 3x more optical zoom than the previous generation's top model, Apple's "Pro" tier smartphone camera system lacks some of the features found in high-end camera systems on the Android market. Lastly, content snapped with zoom active could illustrate details better.

Impressive Video Recordings
Unlike in the zoom category, the iPhone 13 Pro shines when it comes to video recordings – scoring 119 points and appraisal as "excellent" by DXOMark. Apple has eliminated many of the weaknesses of the previous generation such as occasional instability during dynamic compression or exposure. Autofocus also works exceptionally quickly and smoothly during video capture.

Final Score: 4th Palce
The iPhone 13 Pro's final score is 137 points – earning it 4th place in DXOMark's rankings. The first three are the Huawei P50 Pro (144 points), the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (143 points), and the Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ (139 points). 5th place is held by the Huawei Mate 40 Pro (136 points).

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