Thursday, Jul 08, 2021, 19:03 Hardware

Damaged HomePods: Version 14.6 Can Also Cause Defects In The Original HomePod

Officially, version 15.0 of the HomePod OS is only available from Apple per invitation. However, due to the interconnected world in which we now live, a simple Google search can also get one access without an invitation. However, interested parties should avoid doing so at all costs, as was discovered at the start of this week – the beta can cause irreparable damage to hardware due to causing the device to overheat. There are numerous reports of either overheated or completely defective HomePods.

Bug Also Present In Current Release Version On Some HomePods
However, it's also been discovered that the cause of this issue isn't solely the new 15.0 preview release but also the current release version. Many users online on social media and forums have also revealed similar problems on the current 14.6 HomePod OS. For example, a Reddit user with no less than 19 HomePods has stated that 7 are now defective. 4 of the aforementioned HomePods were running version 15.0 and 3 were running 14.6. In the Reddit thread, a diverse group of other users also mentioned similar problems with either version 14.6 or 15.



The Word From Apple – Unplug & Await An Update
Another Reddit user reported that an Apple employee advised him to unplug any HomePod updated to version 15 and not to use it until an update arrives – otherwise the motherboard could become damaged. If you have a damaged HomePod and installed the beta without an invitation, then it is up to Apple whether or not the company will repair your HomePod – and it will only be done as a gesture of goodwill as you, unfortunately, do not have a claim. However, if you're a registered developer or received a direct invitation from Apple to test out version 15.0, please contact Apple Support.

What To Do If You Have Damage From Version 14.6
However, only damage caused to the device during the HomePod beta is mentioned explicitly as grounds for a repair claim, not the current 14.6 release version. It's also unclear as to how Apple plans to proceed here, if you are one of the unfortunate ones with a damaged HomePod running version 14.6, you should still contact Apple support, there have been mentions of Apple replacing defective parts for free due to the issue.

Apple TV W/ Stereo To Blame?
Many users affected by the issue appear to be running two HomePods in combination with an Apple TV setup. However, there are also individual users who are only using a HomePod without an Apple TV. A clearer reason for the defects isn't currently identifiable.

Wait For An Update?
Users currently using either version 14.6 or 15 should disconnect their HomePod from the power and not use it until the situation has cleared itself up. It's assumed that more information or even an update from Apple will be available soon. Thus far, it looks as if only (or at least primarily) the original HomePod has been affected – there aren't currently any reports concerning the HomePod mini. Thus, it's likely not an issue for HomePod mini users to continue using their devices as in the past.

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