Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 15:48 Mac: Hardware

Deliveries Have Begun For The MacBook Air M2

Everything at Apple appears to be running according to plan currently, meaning that customers should receive their new MacBook Air M2 devices by Friday. More and more customers have reported receipt of shipment confirmations from Apple. Those who decided upon a purchase last Friday may have even already received their shipment confirmation yesterday. The delivery of the devices comes from China, as Apple relies on Quanta for its new notebooks and there isn't normally any warehousing or extensive pre-production. This is a good thing for customers, as it allows deliveries to occur more quickly when things are running smoothly – however, when they aren't, it leads to more serious delivery bottlenecks.

MacBook Air M2 – Delivery Wait Times Increase
A quick look at the current delivery prognoses reveals wait times of at least 1 month or more in the US. Currently, there's not a single configuration which Apple can assuredly deliver by this Friday, when ordered today. For both base versions, Apple currently forecasts shipment arrivals for August 12th to 19th when ordered through the Apple Online Store today. The delivery prognosis for devices with larger SSDs is also more or less the same, although slightly earlier – August 4th to 11th in this case. These time frames also apply to devices delivered to and picked up at the Apple Store, as opposed to the customer's front door.



Test Reports This Week – First Benchmarks Released
Chosen press representatives have already received test copies of the new device – and the first official benchmarks should be made available today. According to reports, a press briefing occurred towards the end of last week announcing when the first articles about the device may be released, Apple does dictate a specific amount of time during which no reports or information about the review copies of devices can be released (the same as pretty much any other company). Despite Cupertino's best attempts, the first benchmarks have already leaked. Accordingly, everything is more or less as expected from a performance perspective – which is good news. In Geekbench benchmarks, the MacBook Air M2 and MacBook Pro M2 acheive the same results – and last year's M1's single-core score of around 1700 points in the same benchmark has increased to 1900. Multi-core performance manages about 8950 points, whereas the devices' predecessor managed only 7500. It remains to be seen how well the MacBook Air M2 performs under full load and the extent to which this throttles the device's performance.

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