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Despite High Price, Record Sales Expected For iPhone 14 – According To Suppliers

When Apple brings such a high-demand product as a new iPhone generation to the market, it doesn't mean a high period of activity for only Cupertino alone. The extensive network of suppliers is also expected to run at full steam to meet the customers' demands and contribute the parts necessary for manufacturing the new devices. The amping up of activity and preparation for this process also allows market experts to frequently make reasonably accurate predictions concerning release periods for new products – and it's also quite often how specifications leak into the public. One of the most reliable sources is Ross Young from DSCC, whose specialty is the display market. Thanks to his many contacts, Young is one of the most accurate oracles on the market.

iPhone 14 Pro In High Demand
According to Young, a pretty exact prediction is already possible as to which iPhone model is likely to be most sought after – or, to be more precise, which model Apple's prognosis believes will be in the highest demand. Apple apparently expects to witness record sales numbers for iPhone 14 Pro Max, the most expensive version in the lineup. Around 28 percent of the display production is currently accounted for by this model – a value which sinks to 19 percent for the iPhone Max variant without the additional Pro moniker. Young believes that iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro each account for around 26 percent of the current production. Thus, considerably more than half of the initially sold iPhones should carry the Pro classification, as per Apple's own prognosis.



The Expected Numbers
The numbers mentioned above shouldn't be particularly shocking. Traditionally, the best-equipped variants account for the highest share in sales during the first few months. This is primarily due to the fact that many technology enthusiasts place a lot of value on the new hardware capabilities of each generation and purchase the product within the first few months of release. This fall, the pendulum should strike a little more in favor of the Pro versions than usual, as all indications currently point to only the iPhone 14 Pro and the Pro Max receiving the new A16 chip, whereas the standard variants will carry the same chip as the previous generations. This would lead to a much more significant difference between the two product lines than between the models of previous generations. Although the Pro models have always held certain performance advantages in the past, it was never due to a difference in the primary chip.

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