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Driver's Licenses & ID Cards In The Apple Wallet – First States To Begin Soon

For years now, it's been possible to connect compatible credit cards to Apple Pay and to make payments via the service using one's standard credit card. With iOS 15 and WatchOS 8, Apple hopes to take the service one more step into the future and allow documents to be saved to the Wallet app. At this year's WWDC, Apple announced that the feature would include the ability to save personal documents such as driver's licenses and identification cards. Now, it's even known which states are piloting the feature. Apple recently confirmed that 8 states will consider personal documents saved on an iPhone to be valid forms of identification.

8 US States Start Things Out
Involved in the party are Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah. Of course, this is still just an early step on the path to complete digital identification. For example, for individuals storing their identification in Apple Wallet, will only be able to use the digital form of their identification in the Wallet app at certain preselected checkpoints. It will still take quite a while until personal identification and driver's license are no longer necessary in physical form.



Setup Similar To Apple Pay
Documents can be transferred into the Wallet very similarly to credit cards. The plus button in the Apple Wallet app leads to the next step and users simply input the requested data or use their iPhone to scan the form of identification directly. The app then uses a selfie to verify the user's identity, who is then instructed to record themselves moving their head in different directions to extract biometric information from the recordings.

Apple's Data Protection Promise
Apple is yet again stressing that data protection is placed at the forefront with regards to the new feature. For example, when the digital identification is displayed, neither Apple nor any government institutions receive any information concerning either where or when the digital identification was used. Any information on the device with respect to digital identification is encrypted, as well as the communication with any devices used to scan or trade information to verify the digital identification. The document can also only be brought up after either a Face or Touch ID verification has taken place successfully. Apple's Vice President of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet, Jennifer Bailey, voiced her excitement about the upcoming feature. Apple is currently in talks with numerous other states in the US to work on the nationwide adoption of the feature. However, Apple has hesitated from giving any indication as to when the feature might be ready internationally.

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