Tuesday, May 10, 2022, 15:20 Hardware

Exclusive: Apple Ramps Up Testing Of macOS 12.5 Before WWDC – Hints Of New Hardware?

The beta phases of both macOS 12.4 and iOS 15.5 have now run for more than 4 weeks. Apple has already started its fast release cycle and changes to previously released builds have been relatively minor recently. It's likely that Apple will give the go ahead and release the operating systems for all users within the next 2-3 weeks. The latest likely appointment would be on the occasion of the WWDC. However, it's unlikely that we'll see 3 more pre-release versions before then. With macOS 12.4, macOS Monterey's days are still far from over – Apple's already planning another update to the OS for this fall, and testing has already begun.

System Version Tested Since Fall Of 2021
As early as last fall, Cupertino started testing for a system version that wasn't expected for release until mid 2022. Such an early start date is unusual for the company, and although the version number for the OS in question has changed once, the system is still the same one likely to be made available to developers for the first time in June. As early as September, we concluded that this simply serves as further indication that Apple is planning a large hardware announcement for the WWDC.



Testing Phase Expanded – Right Before The WWDC
The fact that Apple's testing of the new system has significantly increased in intensity points to a start within the next few weeks. There are currently two believable scenarios: The system is either being prepared for the upcoming M2 Macs' specific hardware features, or the same is being done for a completely new set of hardware – in which case the Apple Headset would be the most likely candidate.

New Hardware Or Pure Speculation?
It should be stressed that there are only 2 things for certain: Apple began tests for the new system much earlier than usual, and given the upcoming WWDC – the fact that testing has just been ramped up considerably is suspicious. However, whether or not this is in preparation for new hardware is still speculative. We were able to attain access to the data mentioned due to some of our (Synium Software's) products' placement in Apple's "heavy rotation" for early system testing. Cupertino no longer bothers to disguise access to such data after a completed internal series of tests.

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