Tuesday, Oct 11, 2022, 16:26 Mac: Software

Exclusive Report: macOS 13.3 – Apple Has Already Begun Testing, Important Innovations This Spring

The release of macOS 13 Ventura isn't that far off anymore. A possible release date could even be the week after next – at which point iPadOS 16 should also see be available to download for all users. The latest likely release would be in November, although there's still no clarity as to whether such a release would take place in the form of a Mac event or via press release. The most recent reports, alongside internal communications from Apple, seem to indicate the latter being more likely. Of course, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Apple has long since begun work on macOS 13.1 – the first maintenance update for macOS Ventura.

13.3 Already Spotted – But Still No Sight Of macOS 13.2
It's perhaps worth mentioning, due to the rarity of such an occurrence, that although there's still no trace of macOS 13.2 to be had – Apple has already begun intensive testing of macOS 13.3. We came across the aforementioned data given our participation in Apple's "heavy rotation" for early system testing. Once Apple completely finishes its own internal tests, the company stops trying to disguise access.



Earlier Test Start Normally An Indication Of Bigger Changes
Over the past few yeas, there have been multiple instances of Apple beginning with early testing of system versions still several updates out. This normally happens when there are larger innovations present within the update. The aforementioned version numbers are only working titles that describe the approximate time frame for each release. Earlier observations of similar such occurrences occurred during the preparation period for the M1 chips, M2 chips, universal support for apps on iOS/iPadOS and macOS, as well as the prior to the release of the Catalyst framework.

Update Likely Somewhere During Or Between This Spring/Summer
A quick glance over Apple's previous release cycles gives us a rough indication as to when macOS 13.3 might arrive on the market – with the expected date likely anywhere from during this spring to this summer. Multiple announcements are likely during this time, as the entire Apple world currently awaits the release of the first Mac Pro with M2 (the first traditional desktop Mac to rely on Apple's newest in-house ARM chip architecture), a new display, and more details concerning Apple's AR/VR glasses. Should the latter prove to be more than a simple iPhone accessory, but a fully fledged display expansion also usable on Mac, then this could provide the explanation for Apple's early preparation for macOS 13.3. However, if Apple is preparing to support its upcoming AR/VR implement on Mac, it remains to be seen which version this would be released under. Either way, there are cetrainly some important innovations on the way.

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