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Exploitation: Report Hoists Heavy Accusations Against One Of Apple's Most Important Partners

Those with a defective Apple device in need of repairs normally aren't aware of what takes place during the repair process. They simply drop the device off at an Apple Store or ship it somewhere, only to pick it back up or receive it back in the mail at a later date. Apple does perform some repairs directly on-site at the store while other repairs are contracted out to external partners. An example of this from the recent report: When Apple had to replace the 2015 MacBook Pro's batteries due to a fire hazard, this occurred at an external partner's assembly line. Thus, it was possible to replace the batteries of millions of devices within a few weeks. In the USA, Apple cooperated with CSAT Solutions in Texas, where a large majority of Mac repairs take place.

The Accusations: Poor Working Conditions
A recent report, doesn't cast Apple's service partner in a very good light and denounces the company's working conditions. Although Apple isn't CSAT Solutions' only customer, the accusations do still affect Cupertino – which often boasts of its observance of not only its own internal working conditions but also those of its partners. Allegedly, Apple's repair partner doesn't think much of working conditions and the report even compares the working conditions at CSAT to those of a sweatshop – places where workers are often exploited illegally, paid below minimum wages, and subjected to extremely harsh conditions and work environments. An entire day's worth of work at CSAT spans 13 hours, without AC inside the hot factory halls. Conversations are forbidden, sanitary facilities are not available and the facilities are not cleaned – according to the report.



Apple's Response
Apple has already reacted and once again emphasized the careful selection process that takes place in searching for external partners. In the last three years, there were three extensive checks performed at CSAT, additionally, Apple representatives frequently visit the company. Despite the defensive stance, Apple still claims to be taking the allegations quite seriously and will conduct further investigations – with the expectation that everyone in the supply chain is treated with courtesy and respect.

CSAT Solutions: Only On Good Behaviour During Audits?
According to the report from Business Insider – it's no wonder that Apple hasn't seen anything to complain about thus far. CSAT always cleans up its act right before an Apple audit – and as soon as the auditors leave, it's back to operations as usual and the company's good behaviour disappears into thin air. It will be interesting to see how the situation develops, as Apple's reputation is at stake here, Cupertino will certainly be taking a closer look.

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