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Extremely Valuable Apple Collector's Item: Wooden Apple-1 Going For 1.5 Million

Photos of the first Apple computer often consist of a computer encased in wood, a style of exterior far from the precision of the current aluminum-encased housing. Despite the US$666 price tag of the Apple-1 in 1976, the system didn't come fully complete. Instead, the US$666 package arrived with only one of the essential components needed to assemble the computer – a fully assembled board, but no power supply, housing, or display. The rest of the components needed to be purchased individually, resulting in the final price of the world's first PC being considerably higher than US$666. Only about 200 Apple-1's were sold.

Especially Rare – The Apple-1 In Wood
The wood version came to exist after Jobs and Wozniak were made to promise the Byte Shop that they would also ship fully-assembled devices. One of the first computer stores in history, Byte Shop, was Apple's first customer and directly contributed to the company's rise. Even broken copies of the Apple-1 are sometimes sold to collectors for 6 digit figures on auction platforms. The current value of the Apple-1 will increase considerably if one of the few remaining functioning devices is sold. Even rarer are versions of the Apple-1 in wood, as (allegedly) only 6 copies with the "Byte Shop KOA" wooden housing were produced. For whatever reason, there seems to be a trend involving the number 6 for the Apple-1.

The Byte Shop – where computer history began its course.



Available On Ebay
One such example of a wooden Apple-1 is currently on offer for US$1.5 million on Ebay. According to the seller, the device was acquired in 1978 in used condition from the 1st purchaser – who was planning to swap it out for an Apple II. In retrospect (especially after viewing the US$1.5 million price tag), that probably wasn't such a good idea, although it would've been almost impossible to predict how expensive the computer might one day become.

The Apple-1 on offer is equipped with the original board, personally assembled by Steve Wozniak himself – differing from its original condition in only one respect, one area was reinforced with a bit of extra adhesive. It even comes with a compatible monitor (which would otherwise be difficult to find) the Sony TV-115, another historic original.

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