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Face ID Defect? What To Do If Face ID Stops Working – Full Device Replacement No Longer Necessary

iPhone's have a reputation for, and rightly so, being reliable devices. However, given the massive number of smartphones that Apple sells each year, there will – of course, be some defects that slip through the cracks every now and then. Additionally, sometimes devices are damaged due to careless handling or the occasional accident. This isn't normally the end of the world, as iPhones can be repaired by Apple, certified Apple service providers, and even independent repair shops.

Face ID Defect Has Necessitated Device Replacement
A list of costs for various iPhone defects and how they can be repaired can be found on Apple's support website. Repairs aren't possible in all cases – for example, if the Face ID camera no longer works, customers will have to trade in their Apple smartphone for a new one. Normally the "new" device will be a repaired or refurbished iPhone of the same year and model. Thus, the customer receives a similarly valued item. The facial recognition module responsible for Face ID hasn't been available to either Apple's own repair technicians or certified repair shops until now.



Apple Soon To Release Replacement Parts
The availability of Face ID repair parts is soon to change according to MacRumors report detailing a leaked internal memo from Apple. Accordingly, Apple is adding the TrueDepth camera to the Face ID iPhone repair part line up. This means that it will now be possible to repair iPhones with defective Face ID at the Apple Store. The Californian company wants to reduce the number of device replacements thus lowering its overall CO2 footprint. Face ID will soon be possible for all iPhones equipped with the technology, excluding the iPhone X. The company will soon provide its own stores and authorized service providers with the parts and instructions to perform Face ID repairs and will also provide training. At what point it will finally be possible to execute these repairs remains, however, unknown.

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