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"Far Out" – Apple Releases Invitation To Fall Event

Usually, Apple organizes three to four events per year. One event in the spring, one in June (typically the WWDC/Worldwide Developers Conference), an iPhone event each September, and a Mac and iPad event in October or November. Now, Apple has officially confirmed the rumored September iPhone event, which should provide us with more information about the upcoming product. Today, Apple released the first invitations to next month's presentation under the title "Far out". The event will take place at 10 A.M. pst, or 1 P.M. est on September 7th. As has been the tradition for over two years, the event will entail a pre-produced video. However, chosen individuals will receive an opportunity to attend the event live, whereafter they will be allowed to take a closer look at the new hardware.

Expected Topics At The Event
The majority of the event should focus on the iPhone 14 and its four different variants. The front portion of the Pro models should see the most significant change since the introduction of the iPhone X in 2017. The black recess on the front of the device should disappear to make room for a camera integrated directly within the display. The back of the device, however, should basically remain the same, although the rear cameras should be slightly larger on the iPhone 14. The Pro devices will receive a new A16 chip, whereas the non-Pro variants of the new iPhone will retain the same A15 chip found within the iPhone 13 – according to unanimous reports. The price is expected to increase, particularly in European countries that have adopted the euro as their primary currency – this is partially due to the euro's recent depreciation compared to the dollar, particularly in contrast with its formerly higher value. Likewise, to be expected are a new set of AirPods and some more information concerning Apple's plans to take over the broadcasting of more sports events,



The Outlook For October/November
Since Apple just recently confirmed that it won't release the newest version of iPadOS until a later date, an iPad announcement at next month's event should be rather unlikely. Instead, it's likely that we'll see the 10th generation iPad released alongside the new Macs at an event in either October or November. All of this leads to a pretty exciting build up to the end of the year for us Apple fans – especially as it's always still possible that we might receive some new information or hints concerning the pending Apple Silicon version of the Mac Pro and Apple's VR/AR glasses.

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