Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021, 10:58 Mac: Hardware

Faulty M1 iMacs? Complaints About Defective Stands & Slanted Displays

Apple's first iMac with Apple Silicon has been remarkably well-received – although not everyone is entirely happy with the design of the front of the device, where there's still a large portion of the housing to be found under the display (as opposed to an entirely "compact" screen and device). In addition, the computer's performance is exceptional and the M1's power clearly surpasses that of the previous 21.5" iMac's chip. However, it appears as if a slight quality control problem has slipped through the cracks. Users on online forums and Reddit have been complaining of defective or broken stands upon delivery.

Slightly Lopsided Display
Those who have been affected by these issues have complained of the iMac's display being slightly slanted, either to the left or right, such that the bottom of the iMac's display does not correctly align with the rest of the device's stand. Although the error isn't extremely noticeable and may even be hard to notice at first glance in some cases, the imbalance becomes apparent in comparison to other objects on a desk or even the device's stand itself. For example, a YouTuber affected by the issue recently made a video and measured the distance of each side of the device's display from the surface the computer was on. On one side the distance was 8 centimeters, on the other, 7.6.



Not A Huge Error – But Noticeable
According to many other users, they also face a similar issue. Although the slanting isn't so severe that one might need to twist their head to one side or the other in order to view content on the display in an upright position, it's enough to be an annoyance when you've just shelled out a good deal of money for an expensive device. Those who notice such an error with their own iMac should contact Apple's customer service line or swap out their iMac for another under warranty. However, the latter isn't all that simple – given the currently long wait times for the iMac's delivery. A month of patience is necessary (and in some cases with different configurations, even longer) to receive a new iMac shipped to one's own door.

For those who haven't yet purchased an iMac M1, it's available on Amazon with delivery within three days (for Prime users in the US) via the following link:

No Statement From Apple Yet
Apple has yet to confirm or deny the reports on the forum or specify whether this issue is a widespread hardware defect or if reports concerning the issue are coming from a vocal minority. Given the positive reception the new iMac has received, it's unlikely that this issue affects more than a few isolated, unlucky cases. However, it's likely that Cupertino is keeping an eye on things and collecting feedback.

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