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Final Cut Pro vs. Adobe Premiere – New & Revealing Field Test With M1 & Intel Macs

The iMac M1, Mac mini M1, MacBook Air M1, and MacBook Pro M1 beat out almost the entire catalogue of Intel CPUs in numerous benchmarks. Only a few high-performance computers equipped with the newest generation of x64 processors and premium GPUs can hope to stand up to the M1. However, synthetic performance measurements only represent half of the truth. How fast a computer actually is can really only be measured via practical, day-to-day use.

iMac M1 vs. Intel MacBook & Razer Notebook
The photo and video experts from DPReview have released a near-to-reality comparison test of an iMac M1 vs. a MacBook Pro 13" with an Intel Core i7 1068NG7 processor and a Razer Blade 15 Advanced with a Core i7-10875H and Nvidia RTX 3080. The Intel computers had 32GB of RAM each, whereas the iMac had only the current maximum of 16GB. The testers paid special attention to video editing. During the duel, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro were used. Final Cut Pro was used for the two Mac computers, as Cupertino has of course not released a Windows version. The Razer Notebook used Adobe Premiere Pro.



MacBook Pro with Intel-CPU, iMac M1, and Razer-Notebook in comparison.
Source: DPReview

Final Cut Pro Almost Always Faster On iMac M1
Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro were given identical tasks to complete during the editing of an 8K video. These tasks included recoding, stabilization, rendering, mastering, and export to H.264, as well as H.265. In four out of five of these disciplines, the iMac M1 running Apple's Final Cut Pro was the frontrunner. It was only during mastering where the iMac was clearly beaten by Adobe's Final Cut Pro on the Razer Notebook. Premiere Pro and the Razer Notebook managed to complete the mastering task in an astonishing 16 seconds, whereas it took the iMac closer to a minute and a half. However, this is somewhat to be expected, given that the iMac has less RAM and is not equipped with the newest and most high end, premium tiered graphics card (like in the case of the Razer Notebook's RTX 3080), a component which video mastering relies upon heavily (especially when the resolution is an astonishing 8K).

Source: DPReview

Intel MacBook Clearly Outclassed – Razer Notebook Holds Its Own
The Intel MacBook Pro was completely out of its league in terms of both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro performance. It needed considerably more time than its counterparts to complete the assignments, at times taking almost twice the same amount of time as the iMac M1 and Razer Notebook. The Razer Blade 15 was able to remain competitive thanks to its powerful Nvidia GPU. Despite being equipped with what is currently the most powerful consumer GPU on the market, the Razer Blade 15 running Adobe Premiere Pro was unable to approach the performance of the iMac M1 running Apple's Final Cut Pro. However, DPReview stresses that only a beta version of Adobe Premiere Pro (as native support for the software on M1 is still in the works) was used. This means that the soon to be released final version (with full native support for M1) could be faster than seen in these benchmarks.

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