Wednesday, Mar 16, 2022, 15:45 Hardware

First Photos Of The Mac Studio – Customer Receives His Package Already

Delivery of the new Mac Studio revealed last week is supposed to begin this Friday. However, those who were certain they wanted the device had a good chance to purchase it immediately after Apple's Peek Performance reveal event. For customers who spent another day considering the decision to or not to buy, the wait time is likely until April or May. Despite the current one to two month long waiting time for users in the USA, the Mac Studio has already started shipping. There have been a few cases of shipping service providers ignoring Apple's intended date and already having begun delivering the device to customers – as was recently the case with an Apple customer in France.

A Surprising Arrival
The Frenchman was quite surprised by the early delivery, as the initial prognosis stated that the device wouldn't be shipped until Friday. He had ordered the M1 Max configuration – the US$1,999 version of the desktop computer. There's no exact test or experience report from him yet, however, the new Mac Studio owner did send the French site "mac4ever" a few photos of the new device from all sides. Since the physical product always appears slightly differently than on stage or in advertising photos, we've included the pictures for you here:



The Mac Studio's design is still the subject of some controversy on Apple forums. As was the case with the MacBook Pro, the word from Apple has been that the exterior housing has been designed to facilitate the necessities of the device's interior. Overall, the Mac Studio carries the same design as the Mac mini with albeit somewhat larger housing. The powerful hardware, including the M1 Ultra monster of a chip, requires significantly more cooling than the compact Mac mini.

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