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Ford Continues To Pilfer Employees From Apple's Top Ranks

It's not uncommon for large companies undergo periodic restructurings to be better prepared for the future. Take the case with Apple for example – where the turnover rate for employees responsible for working on the Apple Care are outrageously high. In the meantime, Ford has announced the split of two of its own sectors: Ford cars with traditional combustion engines will see production under the "Ford Blue" brand name – whereas electric vehicles will now be referred to as part of the "Ford Model e" line. Ford, referring to its internal restructuring as "Ford+", also has others steps planned for its renovation process. An experienced executive who is new to Ford is also taking part in the entire ordeal – a former Apple Manager.

After 3 Years At Apple Jennifer Waldo Switches To Ford
According to the Detroit Free Press, Jennifer Waldo is changing from Apple to Ford. Her previous position at Apple, "Vice President for People Business Partners", encompassed a very broad range of duties and responsibilities. Mrs Waldo's new position at Ford is the similarly titled "Chief People and Employee Experience Officer". The position is one of the company's top roles and reports directly to the Ford CEO, Jim Farley – who has already shown himself to be thrilled by the recent personnel acquisition. Accordingly, Waldo possesses a wealth of experience and is an invaluable addition during the Ford+ restructuring process. Waldo was employed at Apple for three years.



Jennifer Waldo is switching from Apple to Ford – where she is assisting in restructuring measures.

Kuo: Apple Needs Fresh Blood For The Team
Every once in a while, employees tend to switch from Apple's "Project Titan" (the "top secret" Apple Car development project) to take up a position at another automobile company. Waldo, for example, is not the first former Apple executive to switch to Ford – Apple's Vice President for "Special Projects", Douglas Field, left the Californian-based company to return to Ford. The most recent word from Ming-Chi Kuo is that the Project Titan team has more or less dissolved. Cupertino will have to rebuild the team over the next three to six months to keep the pending release date for the Apple Car in 2025 – according to Kuo.

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