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Future Macs To Have Better Built-in Webcams – Larger iMac Still In The Works

Even decades ago, futurologists were convinced that we would eventually all have our own videophone – and by 2020, this prediction really took a full swing with the coronavirus pandemic. When clocking in at the office gives way to home-office and family visits are replaced by FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and others, having a good webcam becomes more important. Given the aforementioned, Apple caused quite the confusion with the announcement of the MacBook Air M1 when it was revealed that the internal webcam would only have 720p HD functionality. In today's world of 4(and even 8)k, 1080p HD has become the industry's minimum standard for gaming, video, and film. The FaceTime cameras on Apple's notebooks already didn't have the best reputation, and nothing changed in 2020 with the M1 MacBook Air's release.

Future MacBooks To Have 1080p Webcams
According to leaker DylanDKT on Twitter, Apple is aware of the difference in parity between the quality of its overall computers and their built-in webcams. All future Macs will have webcams capable of 1080p, including the MacBook Air M2, MacBook Pro 14", and the MacBook Pro 16". Up until now, the higher resolution has only been supported by the most recent 24" iMac and 2020's 27" iMac. However, in the iPhone sector, 1080p has long since been the industry standard and at the end of 2020, Apple provided a FaceTime update raising the resolution for all devices since the iPhone 8 to 1080p.



Successor To The 27" iMac Back In The Works After Project Pause
As is now well-known, Apple presented the 24" iMac with M1 back in April – without uttering a single word concerning its larger counterpart. Currently, the 27" variant remains a part of the Apple assortment with an Intel processor and it may take a while until the device sees the switch to Apple Silicon. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman recently released some information concerning the 24" iMac's big brother and indicates that Apple is continuing to work on the machine's development. In all likelihood, the device will be equipped with an M1X or even an M2X chip. Additionally, Apple plans to increase the size of the device's display.

It Could Be A While
In the eventuality that Apple decides to equip the next larger iMac with an M2X, there could be a significant wait until an Apple Silicon version of the desktop computer is released. Bloomberg had already reported once as of May that the larger iMac's development would be paused. Following this, Apple decided to expend 100% of its focus on the 24" iMac and afterwards switch the focus to a 30 or even 32" variant.

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