Wednesday, Jan 18, 2023, 16:59 Hardware

Gurman: Apple To Bury Plans – No More Slim "Apple Glasses" For The Forseeable Future

It's more or less an open secret that Apple is working on a new product category. The only question remaining is exactly how soon this expected release might occur. Will it be this spring or a later point this year. Even a couple reports about the AR headsets functional capacity have leaked – for example, Apple should offer display quality and resolutions currently unmatched by other products in the category. Although previous discussions of Apple's upcoming AR products always involved both a headset and pair of glasses (the "Apple Glasses"), the development is no longer expected to contain a pair of traditional glasses. There should now only be one device in development – a headset which completely envelopes the user's eyes.

A Normal Pair Of Computer Glasses
Up until now, most predictions for Apple's upcoming AR product line involved two different devices – one of which would have been a standard yet fashionable pair of glasses with several computational features. The initial plans leaked a few years ago, after Apple needed to submit an accident report containing a rather conspicuous description in 2017.



A Change In Strategy – No More Glasses
As recently per Mark Gurman, the glasses will remain a research project. Apple has allegedly decided to shelve all plans regarding normal glasses – for the foreseeable future. The company currently views the concentration on a second series of headsets as more promising. This second series of products should arrive around 2 years after the first, with the goal of offering a considerably more affordable price and thus appealing to a much broader range of customers.

Focus On A 2nd Generation
According to the current, vague indications – Apple wants to offer the more affordable AR/VR headset for around the same price as an iPhone, around US$1,000-2,000. However, the first addition to the product category should launch at a price of US$3,000 or more – not only due to its high-end technology, but also to test whether the market is even ready for such a product at such a price in the first place.

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