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Gurman: Apple's Switch To ARM – A Tight 2 Year Plan, iMac, Mac Pro Not Until End Of 2022

When Apple announced the company's planned switch to ARM, there was some scepticism as to whether or not Cupertino would manage to complete the entire transition within the referenced 2-year time span. However, Apple's switch to Intel in the past (which was completed in 2006 and not the expected summer of 2007) speak in favour of Cupertino accomplishing the switch within the announced 2-year time span. On the other hand, there are some doubts that Apple will be able to bring currently outdated hardware back into the modern world. This is of special concern when it comes to the Mac Pro series, which can barely even keep up with the cheaper M1 devices anymore. According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple will definitely need all 2 years this time – and may only barely satisfy the self-imposed timeframe

No iMac Or Mac Pro Until 2022?
According to Gurman, the MacBook Pro 16" should arrive within the next few months, filling a significant gap in the current lineup. The current price-to-cost ratio of the MacBook Pro 16" to the MacBook Pro M1/MacBook Air M1 is heavily in favour of the "standard" models, given that they possess superior Apple Silicon chips yet to be received by the MacBook Pro 16". However, it will take until fall of 2022 for the follow up to the 27" iMac to be released. "Not until the end of next year" is the official word on the matter and the same applies to the first Apple Silicon Mac Pro. The latter most likely won't receive a release until November 2022. It's unknown whether Apple's plans for the Mac Pro have also been delayed, as they were for the larger iMac. The iMac M1X or M2X was delayed so that Apple could focus efforts on the recently released iMac M1.



New Mac Mini & MacBook Air
2022 won't just introduce new ARM Mac desktop computers but also an update to the current M1 lineup. Apple is planning a high-end model of the Mac mini and the MacBook Air is expected to be reworked – along with receiving MagSafe just like the upcoming MacBook Pro 16".

At Least One More Intel Update
The great length of time until the end of the switch to ARM means that Apple will have to include at least one more Intel update. The device in question is the Mac Pro and according to Gurman, it will be receiving a Xeon W-3300 (Ice Lake) Intel processor. The current Mac Pro has been available since 2019, and unlike its predecessor, Apple doesn't want to stretch out the product's life span while waiting on the new generation. However, the announcement of a new Mac Pro won't take place until 2022, as per Gurman.

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