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Gurman: At Least Four New M2 Macs In 2022

Although Apple follows a strict release cycle for the iPhone and has presented a new chip with every iPhone generation, the Mac product cycle isn't quite as strict. Pretty much a year after the M1's release, Cupertino introduced the considerably more powerful M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. The performance improvements won by the M1 Pro/Max over the M1 comes about as the result of additional CPU (& GPU) cores, although the upgraded variants still rely on the same architecture as the M1. The next generation M-chip, the M2, is pending for a release in 2022 – along with a structural improvement to the processor. One thing is for sure: The base M2 won't be more powerful than the current M1 Pro or Max chips in terms of either graphics or raw computing power. That being said, one can safely expect for the performance value per core to increase – providing a good platform for further performance improvements with an M2 Pro or M2 Max.

MacBook Air 2022 & Mac mini 2022
According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple is preparing four different M2 Macs for release this year – as per his "PowerOn" newsletter. However, it's still unknown whether or not one will make its debut as early as the event planned for this March. Should this not be the case, then there wouldn't be a first announcement until the second half of this year. A certain candidate for this year's M2 devices is the next MacBook Air. The MacBook Air with M1 was counted among the first three M1 Macs released in September 2020 and after one and a half years on the market, the device is ready for a hardware upgrade.



The same applies to the Mac mini, which has existed in its current form since November 2020. Some reports mentioned the possibility that Apple is planning a performance version of the compact desktop computer and that this would be an M1 Pro or Max instead of a regular M2. Gurman also discussed another product – the MacBook Pro, which would arrive without ProMotion but with an M2 processor.

iMac 24" & Mac Pro
Gurman points to the iMac 24" as another possible hardware series out of the four mentioned earlier chosen to receive the M2 treatment. Allegedly, Apple is considering equipping the devices with Face ID – which still won't be possible to equip in the MacBooks' ever thinner displays. Apple had apparently discussed the option as early as the iMac M1, but then abandoned the idea for unknown reasons. Another likewise possible release would be the followup to the 27" iMac – although the M1 Max is a more likely candidate for the device than the M2. The latter likely wouldn't hit the market until the end of the year with either a Pro or Max chip – officially becoming the first iMac Pro with an Apple processor.

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