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Gurman: Cook Wants To Introduce One More Apple Product Before Retirement

Tim Cook has headed Apple for exactly one decade now, although the actual time he has spent in charge is a bit longer due to filling in for former CEO Steve Jobs in 2009 and 2011 so that Jobs could pursue cancer treatment. As of a few years ago, Cook had already indicated that he doesn't plan to sit on the Cupertino throne forever and considers another 10 years at Apple as CEO to be unlikely. For a while now, successor programs have been running in hopes of finding new talent. The current squad of vice presidents is simply too old to claim the throne – leading Apple to search for new blood in the second and third rows in the chain of command in hopes of finding a long-term solution.

One More Big Release & Then Margaritas In Mexico?
In a new PowerOn newsletter, market expert Mark Gurman has shed a little more light on Cook's current plans. The CEO is already well aware that leadership in Silicon Valley favors the youth. Under no circumstance would Cook want to be stuck in an armchair and yet still at the top of the chain of command long after the end of his zenith. However, the branch is currently convinced that Cook plans to introduce at least one new major product before abdicating.



VR Goggles Or Apple Car?
Two rather far-reaching themes come to mind with respect to a "new major product" – Apple's ambitions for both the automotive market and the AR/VR market. Cook overseeing the launch of a new Apple VR product is likelier according to countless, clear indications. Allegedly, Apple should begin its foray into the AR/VR market with a set of VR goggles before a set of "smart glasses" with AR features are available 2023-2025.

A More Exact Timeframe? Unknown
According to Gurman, the last "major new product" release to be overseen by Cook (after the Apple Watch, HomePods, and M-chips) is likely to be the much-discussed glasses. Gurman doesn't see the Apple Car as being likely for a Cook-release as the company still has quite some ground to cover before the release of the first Cupertino smart car. As usual, there's no indication from Cook or Apple as to the future of leadership at the company. Cook's interview statement that he "certainly won't be at the company another 10 years" is currently the most concrete information.

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