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Gurman: Mac Pro M1 Was Finished – But Apple Axed Release For Tactical Reasons

The M1 chip already exists in a few different variations (Pro, Max, and Ultra) in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13", MacBook Pro 14"/16", iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Studio. That being said, one iteration is still missing – the most expensive model in the lineup, the Mac Pro has yet to receive the Apple Silicon treatment and still comes with Intel processors. According to a new report, Apple was actually ready to bring an M-chipped Mac Pro onto the market months ago. Allegedly, the device was completely finished and ready to hit the shelves. Instead, Apple apparently decided against introducing the product to the market.

Planned For The 2022 WWDC – Yet Cancelled
As per Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, there were no doubts about the device's hardware quality from Apple – rather, the decision was met out of strategic consideration. Apple's line of thinking was that waiting for a release with the even faster M2 chip would be a bit more clever – current reports give this chip the "M2 Extreme" moniker. Thus, at the WWDC in June, no new Mac Pro was announced – although this was the original plan. There was likely also concern that the Mac Pro wouldn't be as distinguishable from the Mac Studio or that these two products might even compete with each other given their very similar specifications and product class.



The End Of 2022: The Arrival Of The Considerably Fastest Mac
Gurman states that the M2 Extreme is still ripe for a premiere this year – and in the first Mac Pro with an Apple processor. At the moment, the source indicates that the highly-anticipated, premium Apple desktop should see a presentation by the end of 2022. However, it's possible that the start of sales could take a little longer, with deliveries not beginning until 2023.

The M2 Extreme
An M2 Extreme is expected to be a combination of two M2 Ultras, which would make the Mac Pro the fastest Mac on offer by a large margin – surpassing even the Mac Studio significantly in terms of performance. There aren't any clues as to whether Apple plans to keep the current design of the Mac Pro or is intent on making any basic changes. There have, however, been multiple rumors of a "cube" design with the dimensions of the PowerMac G4 "cube".

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