Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021, 08:33 Mac: Hardware

Gurman: MacBook Pro M1X Coming In The Next Few Weeks

The first M1 Macs have been so impressive that the entire tech world has been ardently awaiting Apple's next step. In his current newsletter, where he recently mentioned that the M1 iMac will soon be available in all colors, Mark Gurman has also begun to further discuss the Mac's future. It's almost certain that the focus of Apple's upcoming "California Streaming" event will be the iPhone and not the Mac. At the same time, however, there will likely be another fall event either this coming October or November.

After Several Delays, Things Are Now Proceeding According To Plan
According to Gurman, Apple is getting everything ready for "the first M1X Macs" to hit the shelves within the next "6 weeks". Although there have indeed been delays in the product's development and planning, all signs currently point to an upcoming market release. Gurman has also reiterated that it's likely Apple will release 2 versions of the next-gen MacBook Pro – one with a 14" display and another with a 16". Both should come with MagSafe charging, Mini-LED backlighting, and the removal of the Touch Bar. As far as potential prices, Gurman refrains from mentioning any numbers. However, another leaker recently claimed that the MacBook Pro 14" with M1X will be significantly more expensive than the MacBook Pro 13" with M1.



Graphics Performance Considered Especially Exciting
A quick look at reports over the last few months reveals that Apple could further distance itself from the current market with the release of an M1X Mac. Although the M1 MacBook Pro is already capable of competing with (and in many cases even outperforming) most desktop computers, the graphic chip still differs somewhat from that of a more powerful graphics card. However, current reports concerning the M1X have revealed that the number of graphics cores will either double or quadruple. Current M1 Macs range from 7-8 graphics cores, depending on the configuration. The M1X would have anywhere from 16 to 32 graphics cores. Leaker "dylandkt" indicated as of last month that the CPU performance of the M1X will be identical to that of the M1, however, the M1X will be significantly more capable when it comes to graphics. The variant with more than 16 cores should only be available for the MacBook Pro M1X.

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