Tuesday, Oct 18, 2022, 13:39 Hardware

Gurman: New Apple Hardware Imminent – iPad Pro Very Soon, & Then Mac

A second fall event may not come exactly as expected – since our last report, there are new indications that Apple will release its next upcoming sets of hardware via press release. The most likely reason for this decision has already been discussed in detail – since neither the Mac Pro nor the new 27" display, nor the Apple Glasses are ready for the market, there would have been too few large announcements to warrant another big event. The two expected hardware updates are too standard to turn into a 60-90 minute event. However, that means we won't be left waiting much longer until they arrive either, according to Mark Gurman.

iPad Pro M2: Arriving Soon
Gurman repeated his prognosis, that the newest generation of the iPad Pro will appear this October. Now, the release is even expected within the next few days. This is likely to be in either the form of a presentation this or next week. The biggest innovation in the iPad Pro 2022 is the switch from the M1 to M2 chips. This means the product should see an increase in performance of around 20% – although it's unlikely that any other changes are planned. The standard model line, the basic "iPad", should also receive an A14 chip – with the M processors remaining restricted to the top models as an exclusive feature.



New Macs – Also To Appear Soon
Mark Gurman also provided some renewed predictions for the expected Mac hardware updates. According to his most recent sources, the new Mac hardware announcements won't occur until after the iPad hardware updates. So, it looks as if we'll have to be a little bit more patient when it comes to Apple's M2 MacBook Pro 14/16" models, although these products should surely still arrive this year. Both 14 and 16" variants of the newest MacBook Pro will be available in Pro and Max variations, and Gurman also repeats that a Mac mini M2 is also in the works. It remains unclear whether Apple will present this product together with the updated versions of the larger MacBook Pro.

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