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Gurman – New Features In iOS 16, Preparation For The Apple Glasses, Notifications, & More

In barely two months, Apple will host 2022's World Wide Developers Conference. As always, there's some wild speculation about what could be coming with regards to hardware – but there are also some announcements considered certain – particularly iOS 16 and macOS 13 are both expected to make an appearance on June 6th, along with other system updates. The systems should hit the market in September or October. The internal project names are Sydney (for iOS 16), Kincaid (watchOS 9), macOS 13 (Rome), and tvOS 16 (Paris) and, in a new PowerOn newsletter, well-known leaker Mark Gurman from Bloomberg just gave his forecast for this year's themes at the WWDC and what to expect for the 2022 version of Apple's most widely used mobile operating system.

No New UI – But Plenty Of New Features
In order to first report what hasn't changed, according to Mark Gurman: Apple will renovate the iPad's multi-tasking view, but there won't be any kind of major redesign. There have already been several discussions about this – after all, Apple missed the chance to update any UI aspects back with the release of 2020's Big Sur, and so it wouldn't have been illogical to perhaps expect some sort of update in this area. As of right now, the earliest expected update to iOS's UI wouldn't be until 2023 – and only if anything's even planned at all. Either way, iOS 16 should receive some changes to important functions. One example mentioned by Gurman is the notification system, which Apple apparently intends to improve significantly. The same also goes for features in the Health app, which Apple should expand considerably – especially to improve the interplay between iOS and watchOS, as well as to accommodate new sensor data from watchOS 9.



iOS 16 – The First System For The Apple Glasses?
Apple was actually planning to release the first generation of its AR/VR headsets at 2022's WWDC, per Gurman. Internal beta versions of iOS 16 are already peppered with signs of the product – however, an announcement won't occur until after the release of the OS. Apple is still, of course, planning to release the device during iOS 16's product cycle, however, not until 2023. Thus, it will likely be possible for us to sneak a quick peek at "rOS" (the short name for the "realityOS" system) depending upon how many clues leak out into the final version.

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