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Gurman – No New HomePod mini (For Now) & New iPad Pro In The Works

The larger HomePod made its comeback just a few days ago, with shipments beginning in February. Barely just two years after the standard HomePod's discontinuation due to an extensive lack of success, there are yet again two different editions of the smart speaker in Apple's lineup where there was previously only one. However, users shouldn't start hoping for a new iteration of the HomePod mini yet, just because the standard edition has made its comeback – according to Mark Gurman. Currently, there is no such active project within Apple – which is why we're unlikely to see a new generation of the mini smart speaker until next year at the earliest.

However, there's little pressure for Apple to release new HomePod mini hardware – after all, owners of the device are soon to receive an important software update. This will activate internal sensors for humidity and temperature detection. Together with iOS 16.3 and the corresponding HomePod software, the HomePod mini will soon be able to provide users with the same environmental information as the second generation, standard HomePod. The HomePod mini has been a staple in Apple's lineup since the fall of 2020, unlike its older brother, the smaller smart speaker has seen reasonable sales numbers since the start.



iPad Pro 2024 With Significant Improvements
It takes no more than a quick look at the intensity with which Apple markets the product until it becomes apparent that the iPad Pro plays a special role for Apple. The company continually markets the tablet series as a high-performance device for productivity purposes. In his "Power On" newsletter, Mark Gurman also claims to have knowledge of the iPad Pro's future. 2023 will be a very quiet year for the line, however, 2024 will bring with it some significant innovations for Apple's most powerful tablet. Cupertino is expected to focus on primarily two areas when the time finally arrives:

Firstly, the design should differ somewhat from the previous models, and secondly – the next generation iPad Pro should come equipped with an OLED display. At the moment, the device relies on well-known mini-LED technology, however, this is only a temporary solution as Apple prepares for the OLED implementation. As far as the design, multiple rumors have circulated over the past few months – some referring to a glass backside, and also a similar implementation of MagSafe as in the iPhone.

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