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Gurman: "Spring Loaded" Event Won't Sport Any Innovations

Even though there will be another sign of life from Apple on April 20, you should not expect product fireworks. As already mentioned in our rumor summary, "Spring Loaded" is likely to follow the tradition of other spring events, which also tended to be moderate. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has now spoken out and confirmed this assessment. According to his information, there won't be any announcements next Tuesday that are particularly innovative - Apple won't present anything that hasn't already been seen elsewhere.

iPad evolution and M1-iMac
As Gurman states in the interview, there will be evolutionary steps with the iPad Pro, and Apple is also preparing the new iMac. It remains to be seen whether the presentation of an updated iMac needs to be commented on in such a restrained manner. For many users, an iMac based on "Apple Silicon" will also cause excitement and bring a lot of added value even if Apple does nothing other than install the M1 chip that has been known since November. Even this would already surpass the performance of the currently still offered 21.5" iMac and also puts the series on a new architectural footing. Such a step is probably not innovative - the presentation of Apple's own graphics card would be a different story - but the significance should not be underestimated.



The big tablet comeback
However, another statement is interesting, because Gurman refers to the comeback of the tablet division. Since 2014, Apple has not achieved such high sales with the iPad, and for this reason, the iPad must increasingly be seen as a key product again. Since the start of the Corona pandemic, people were increasingly working and learning from home, which greatly helped sales. The gradual return to offices and schools is associated with a further "wave of purchases", which is why this year is also providing growth. Other market researchers also said that many were recognizing the benefits of home offices and home learning. As a result, notebooks and tablets are likely to benefit for a very long time to come.

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