Monday, Apr 11, 2022, 16:57 Hardware

Gurman: Two Macs To Arrive At The WWDC – Or Shortly After

Apple's yearly WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) is, as per the name, really intended for developers – which is why software is usually the focus. Despite the event's focus on developer's, it's still an exciting event for all other tech-junkies and Apple has often taken advantage of the conference's platform to announce new hardware. Over the last few years, Apple has revealed the Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR, hardware updates to the MacBook Pro, MacBook, and MacBook Air, as well as the first HomePod – and in June 2020, Apple announced the switch to in-house, Apple Silicon processors on the occasion of the WWDC. But how are things looking for 2022? Well, the well-respected, all things Apple leaker Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has a few postulations.

Two New Macs By The Middle Of The Year?
According to Gurman, there's a good chance we could see some updated hardware at 2022's WWDC. As already reported elsewhere, there won't be any Apple AR/VR headwear at this year's conference – although Cupertino had initially planned on showing off the new headset this summer. Instead, the expectation is for several announcements in the Mac sector. Gurman claims that Apple is planning to release two new Macs by the middle of the year, one of which being a MacBook Air. Although the WWDC is more traditionally oriented towards the Pro line for hardware announcements, the MacBook Air has also been a theme in the past as described above.



iMac Pro In The Works?
Interestingly enough and contrary to many other speculators, Gurman still hasn't given up hope for an iMac Pro – despite Apple having already discontinued the 27" desktop Mac without announcing a follow-up, the Bloomberg reporter still believes Apple will eventually take a two-pronged approach for the iMac line. For both the 24" iMac as well as a larger and faster variant. Gurman also predicts hardware updates for the Mac mini and the 24" iMac, likely with an M2 chip. The Mac Pro is the final remaining Mac device (other than an iMac Pro...) to still carry an Intel processor and yet to make the switch to Apple Silicon, and according to the infamous, Bloomberg tech-junkie, there's still no word on the device. Gurman's colleague, fellow leaker Ming Chi-Kuo mentioned in March that an Apple Silicon Mac Pro release in 2022 was unlikely – and that the device really isn't likely until 2023.

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