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Gurman: Upcoming iPads, iPhones, & Accessories All To Rely On USB-C – With One Possible Exception

Anyone who has to deal with multiple devices every day is likely already familiar with this problem: Devices from different manufacturers often require different cables, cords, and connections – all necessary for data transfer and charging. Of course, this leads to an almost constant occurrence: Most owners of multiple devices from differing manufacturers need to carry multiple cables whilst underway, so that they can charge their laptop, headphones, smartphone, and tablet. The European Union has long since set its sights on stopping this annoyance – a process which has only just finally come to fruition. The EU parliament just signed off on a new regulation, which requires most capable devices to switch to the USB-C charging standard by the end of 2024. Apple could be about to adopt the changes quite soon, even though the USB-C era may not last much longer.

iPhone SE 4 Could Still Possess Lightning
To satisfy the EU's new guidelines, Apple will have to switch most of its devices to USB-C. In fact, some critics and users have already shown their disappointment that the newest generation of the AirPods Pro still relies on Lightning. In the most recent edition of his "Power On" newsletter, well-known Apple-leaker and Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman indicated that Apple's preparation for support of the new standard is already in full swing. Thus, it's very possible that we'll be seeing an iPhone 15 next year with USB-C. By the end of this year, the last tablet in the lineup should also undergo the switch – with the standard iPad saying goodbye to Lightning once and for all, according to the leaker. It's still probable that Cupertino will present the 4th generation iPhone SE in March 2024 with lightning, as this would still be in compliance with the EU's recent guidelines.



Mac Accessories Also To Receive USB-C
Gurman also predicts that Apple will update its Mac accessories come the presentation of the new Macs next year. Currently, the Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Mouse are all charged via Lightning. Either way, the Magic Mouse could do with a repositioning of the charging port – as the mouse is entirely inoperable during charging, due to the connection being on the bottom of the device.

Fully Inductive Charging In The Future?
As per Bloomberg, the USB-C era for Apple products will experience a much shorter lifespan than either the 30-pin or the Lightning port. Over the next few years, Apple apparently intends to completely remove chargers from the equation, at least as far as iPhone and iPad are concerned, relying solely on inductive charging technology. This would also be fully compatible with the current EU guidelines.

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