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Gurman: iPhone SE To Be Priced At 199 US$ – Two Versions In The Future

If countless reports are to be believed, too much more time shouldn't pass before the release of the next iPhone SE. The device will be the third generation of Apple's popular "budget" smartphone line up, after the first two generations were released in 2016 and 2020. Apple is likely to rely on a current A-chip for the device and the design should remain the same. According to Mark Gurman in his most recent weekly newsletter, there could be an unexpected and rather aggressive change to the product's pricing – to the benefit of customers.

2022 iPhone SE On The Way – 2020 iPhone SE To Stay On The Shelf
Apple doesn't only want to issue a new iPhone SE, the company also wants to expand the iPhone line up. As is the usual case, the release of a new generation of hardware means a drop in value for the last generation. This is set to be the case for the 2020 iPhone SE, which should sink in price to US$199 – a rather competitive price for modern smartphones. It would also be possible to get the device for even cheaper from third parties, and even for free in the case of cheap cellular contracts.



Opening Previously Unavailable Markets
Apple had some room to raise the price for the 2022 iPhone SE, as per the expensive, new 5G equipped interior. The new "old" iPhone SE, however, could conquer markets which don't yet even exist. Cupertino also doesn't believe that the US$199 priced, older iPhone SE will compete with other main attractions in the iPhone line up – but the company does expect the overall number of iPhone users to increase. Apple has long since given up on working uncompromisingly on the highest hardware margins, as one of the best strategies is also to increase the overall number of users. "Lower end" models are able to get a foothold in countries or regions where there might otherwise be no Apple users.

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