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Half Off Apple's Pro XDR? Cupertino Developing New External Display

Until the middle of last decade, Apple offered the rather reasonably priced "Thunderbolt Display". However, in June 2016, Cupertino removed the display from its program. The Thunderbolt Display was intended to see a replacement with two displays from LG, but some initial quality control concerns but an end to that.

In June 2019, Apple released the powerful Pro Display XDR – with 6016x3384 pixels, 32 inch dimensions, and a screen backlit by 576 LEDs to enliven impressive images. Just as impressive as the images is, however, the price. Costing almost US$5,000 (it's really only US$1 away), the display is easily one of the most expensive on the market for its size. The version with "nano-texture" glass costs another US$1,000 on top of the original price. That's not even to mention the monitor's stand, which has to be purchased separately. A VESA stand mount adapter costs US$199 alone, whereas a "ready to go" Pro Stand alone costs US$999. Want a webcam? That's another US$199, only this time it also costs half a dollar more. Due to the extremely high price, Cupertino's only display currently available for purchase is unattractive to most customers.



More Affordable Display Arriving In 2022?
Mark Gurman is now reporting that Apple could be preparing to remedy its current display situation this year. He hopes that Apple will correct the situation by releasing an external display in 2022, which should arrive at half the price of the Pro Display XDR. It should be another display with similar technology to the Pro Display XDR, only the display likely won't be as bright nor as large. Whether or not US$2,500 - US$3,000 is a convincing price for most customers remains to be seen.

Leaker Claims 24", 27", & 32" Variants All Planned
As early as December 2021, the leaker Dylandkt claimed that Apple is developing a new display alongside LG – and for about half the price of the Pro Display XDR. The display would be released in 24", 27", and 32" variations. The displays should be more accessible, with normal users being the intended audience as opposed to the "Pro"-customer target group. Unlike an earlier cooperation between Apple and LG, the new displays would be sold by Apple itself and also carry the Apple logo – likely also along with Cupertino's famous design language. Even in July 2021, there was a report that Apple would use the A13 processor in the upcoming displays for controlling the LED backlight.

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