Thursday, Dec 24, 2020, 11:05 Economy

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise leaves Silicon Valley

HP is one of the founding fathers of Silicon Valley, seemingly always having been a feature. However, the company has undergone a number of changes since their arrival in the Bay Area. In 2014 Hewlett Packard announced that they would be entirely reorganizing, splitting the company into two. What was once the “Hewlett-Packard Company” (unofficially referred to as “HP,” thanks to their logo), became HP Inc. in 2015. At the same time arose the Hewlett Packard Enterprise — accounting for about 80% of the former company. The departments responsible for PCs and printers were now firmly the responsibility of HP Inc., with the corporate business side of things being overseen by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In the meantime HP Inc. has lost a great deal of significance and was almost swallowed by Xerox at the beginning of this year.



The beginning of an exodus?
Now Hewlett Packard Enterprise has announced the relocation of their headquarters kehren wolle from Silicon Valley to Houston, Texas. They won’t be entirely abandoning their Silicon Valley campus however, but they intend to move the most important sectors. The departure from Silicon Valley is a considerable step, although HP isn’t the only well-known manufacturer in the area. In many places there’s already talk of an “exodus” from Silicon Valley, as numerous companies next to HP and Dropbox search for a new location for their own headquarters. The advantage of having a highly concentrated technology park are no longer as apparent as they were in the 90s and 2000s, as per the high rent and maintenance costs.

Apple sits on former HP Property
The Apple Park, Apple’s company headquarters, sits atop the former HP Areal. HP had no use for the property after a move to Palo Alto and then San Jose.

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