Thursday, Jan 21, 2021, 14:57 Hardware

How Easy Is It to Repair the AirPods Max? iFixit Has an Answer

Apple's AirPods Max's structure is more modular than assumed: It was discovered relatively quickly that the ear pads on the headphones are magnetically attached – allowing for easy removal. This also means that users can further customize their over ear headphones, by attaching different ear pads. The headband attaching both earpieces to one another is also easy to remove – further promoting the customizability of the headphones and the repairability considerably.



Easily-to-Change Headband
iFixit took a look at the structure of the AirPods Max – finishing their analysis. Of particular note is the easy changeability of the headband – a simple SIM card ejection tool or the tip of a paperclip can activate the corresponding mechanism allowing the earpieces to be removed from the headband. If Apple ever decides to start selling separate headbands, then new customization options could arise. Although this could be a feature which the company is deciding to hold off on until the final version of the over-ear headphones. According to 9to5Mac, the second beta of iOS 14.4 is already able to distinguish between different types of headbands.

AirPods Max Extremely Repairable
According to iFixit, lots of dexterity is needed to access the inner ear cups, the cover under the ear cushions is attached to the housing via glue and screws. Despite this, the AirPods Max prove themselves to be repaired relatively easily. The specialists gave the AirPods Max 6/10 points in this area. Given the other models of AirPods – which have all received 0 points (having been designed as products to be thrown away), this is an impressive rating. iFixit also compared the structure of the AirPods Max with other commonly used over-ear headphones by Sony and Bose, with an interesting result: The AirPods Max, with their complicated, precision engineered parts, have more in common with a mechanical watch than a set of headphones.

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