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ID Card & Driver's License In The Wallet App – Apple Provides More Information

It's not possible to traverse today's world without a physical wallet, or is it? Smartphone users are already able to forego many things such as cash and debit/credit cards – which is how, for example, a restaurant bill can be paid with Apple Pay. There's also space for other cards in the virtual wallet, customer reward cards, plane tickets – which can be used in place of a physical ticket to check oneself in at the airport terminals, student ID and library cards (at least in the USA where the feature is being used more and more in high schools). With iOS 15 and watchOS 8, Apple plans to take things a step further. For starters, the Wallet app should also be able to store personal ID cards and driver's licenses.

IDs On The iPhone & Apple Watch – With Privacy Protections
Via Yahoo Finance, Deidre Caldbeck (Director of Apple Watch Product Marketing) and KevinLynch (VP of Technology) went a little bit further into depth concerning the new feature making its way over to watchOS 8. The managers explained that Apple is currently working together with the (USA) Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in order to turn the necessity of physical identification in airports into a thing of the past. The company wants to also be able to determine exactly what information is made available to what people – just as in the Health app. Certain details can be protected via a password.



Source: Apple

ID Cards On Apple Devices – First In The USA
Apple is also working on compatibility with digital house keys for the Wallet app. These would be able to unlock doors or allow access to a hotel room. Several companies have already assured the public that they will be providing support for the feature. However, it could still take some time until IDs and Smart Keys are available globally. For the time being, the feature will only be for the USA, with only 12 out of all 50 states allowing for ID cards via the wallet app. Which states these are and where the feature's introduction is planned next are currently unknown.

Important Update: There's news on how Apple plans to prevent identity theft with digital identification in the following article. Click here to check it out:

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