Wednesday, Mar 02, 2022, 17:06 Software

Instagram CEO Says No To iPad App – With A Strange Reason

iPad users who want to use the Instagram app on their tablets have been treated like the forgotten step-child for years now: They are only left with the option to choose between either using the iPhone app on iPad, or their web browser – the company doesn't offer any iPad version of Instagram. That's also not set to change any time soon: The head of the company recently said that there won't be any iPad version of Instagram any time in the near future.

Instagram Boss: iPad User Group Is Too Small
Adam Mosseri, who has been in charge of Instagram since 2018, recently expressed the company's plans with regards to the iPad on Twitter. Well-known YouTuber Marquess Brownlee recently criticized the presence of an iPad Instagram app in a concise tweet which the Instagram CEO answered – stating that the company receives countless questions about Instagram on iPad. Mosseri responded that the group Instagram users on iPad isn't large enough to warrant an iPad app as a priority. He also said that he hoped the app would eventually arrive natively on the iPad, but for now the company is more focused on other things.



Other Features Receive Higher Priority
The Instagram CEO's response triggered a rather lively discussion. One Twitter user pointed out that the release of an iPad app might lead to an overall increase of the number of users on the social media platform. Although Mosseri did agree in principle, there are also other reasons that an iPad app isn't practical for the Instagram platform at the moment. According to the CEO, every supported platform does increase the company's overhead and thus the running costs. An iPad app is towards the rear of the list for planned features and developments. Focus is currently on a dark mode, timed posts, and the deletion of individual photos from "Carousels" (a series of images in one post). One surprising admission from the company was that Instagram also has to take into account the size of its team, with the company being "thinner" than we might think.

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