Monday, May 31, 2021, 18:53 Hardware

Intel Scores A Point In New Ad Campaign... Against Itself

Intel's ad campaigns over the last few months have earned the company more ridicule than support. Ever since Apple's decision to switch from Intel processors to the company's own (and far superior) Apple Silicon chips, Intel has been on a warpath. Intel has been using mostly outrageous comparisons in order to try and drive home its "point" that Intel chips are superior to Apple's new architecture. Now, the powers that be at Intel have decided to add to the company's slew of embarassing ad campaigns.

Macs With Intel Chips Are Too Slow For Gaming
Intel's recent Go PC campaign is meant to convince customers that 11th generation Intel-based PCs are the best and only option for both productivity and gaming, whereas Apple products are just lifestyle devices. Apple machines' supposedly poor gaming performance has been mentioned on multiple occasions by Intel, as well as during this most recent presentation. A recent graphic released by Intel shows that notebooks with Intel processors offer better performance than Apple notebooks... with Intel processors. The MacBook Pro 16" with an Intel i9 is used as the "slow" comparison.



Another Strange Campaign
Unless it was Intel's goal to receive more negative attention from the media, this can be added to a number of existing advertising gaffs made by the company. It's also questionable that Intel decided to use an Intel-based Mac for comparison rather than an M1 Mac, especially given that Intel Macs are now a thing of the past. There will obviously be differences between a 9th generation processor and an 11th generation processor using different tiers of graphics cards that do not function at the same level. The situation is perhaps best summed up by PC Gamer. If Intel is resorting to comparisons of this level, then it just goes to show how furious the decision makers at Intel are with Apple.

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