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Intel Utterly Failing At Advertising – Promoting A Man Using A Mac

Samsung got a lot of ridicule when the company posted an ad for the new Galaxy smartphone using the iOS version of twitter. Of course, this rather comical occurrence didn't take place due to any kind of corporate preference for iOS, the contracted marketing agency simply didn't think too hard when the ad was posted to twitter. However embarrassing, this cringe-worthy mistake has now been outdone, by, you guessed it – Intel. The company recently chose an... interesting photo in a failed attempt to drive home its point. Intel's most recent attacks on Apple are already well-known and documented, all of which pursue the primary goal of presenting PC as the only valid platform. However, Intel has now entirely thrown caution and any sense of reason to the wind.

When Intel Advertises Against Competition
Whoever was responsible for the most recent campaign obviously didn't notice the glaring mistake in the following photo:



Intel's new ad campaign. A man plays games... on a Mac?

Intel chose a MacBook Pro... to advertise its newest generation of chips. The model in the picture is either a 15" or 16", although the angle makes estimation difficult. The ports on the side of the machine also clearly indicate that the device is a Mac. Pretty much everything that could have gone wrong here did go wrong.

It Doesn't Get Worse Than This
Next, the current MacBook Pro doesn't 16" even carry Intel's 11th gen. chip, and it won't (thanks to Apple Silicon), the current 16"er is equipped with a 9th generation Intel processor. Intel's chosen slogan, "world's best processor on a thin and light laptop", obviously can't apply to the shown MacBook Pro... Although, Apple's M1 chip which is coming to the MacBook Pro 16" does outperform Intel's new and advertised Core i7-1185G7 in the benchmarks. The last and absolute pinnacle of irony in the ad campaign is that the individual using the Mac is clearly playing a game. This is apparent given the position of his left hand (on the WASD keys, often used as controls in video games) and the right hand's position on the mouse. This is heavily ironic given that Intel's been claiming for weeks now that games can't be played on the Mac.

The Source Of This Error: A Stock photo... & It Gets Worse
If one traces the source of the image, they'll come upon the following site. Gettyimages is a stock photo site that hosts images that can be downloaded and used. Here, the photo is posted under the title "man playing computer game on laptop". Whoever was doing the marketing for Intel in this case, either Intel themselves or a contracted agency, purchased the license to use this photo and then made an ad out of it without any second thoughts. The results of this laziness are now immediately apparent, as Intel continues to receive ridicule for it's ill-considered ad campaigns.

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