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Interview With Tim Cook – Apple Stores, Repair Program, Future Plans, & More

Just a few days ago, Los Angeles' Apple Store reopened under the new name, "The Grove". Guests during the store's official re-opening ranged from actor's in Apple TV+'s highly-acclaimed "Ted Lasso" series all the way to the man himself, Tim Cook – who made time for several interviews. In response to questions about why Apple still placed so much emphasis on the design of Apple Stores in the era of online shopping, Cook answered that the company wanted to create "places of discovery" for future customers. The locations should provide customers with insight into what role Apple products could play in their lives while also coming into contact with a large number of offers. For this reason, Apple offers a number of courses concerning all kinds of themes.

Why Apple Avoids The Term "Store"
Cook doesn't find the term "store" fitting for Apple's various locations throughout the world. According to Cook, the company's "stores" are really more about "service". Apple struck away the store title from the names of all of its physical "Apple Stores", however, the unofficial "Apple Store" title for the company's physical branches has remained popular outside of Cupertino. Even Apple representatives continue to use the term "store" at times. In the case of the most recent opening, Cook is thrilled with the result the teams have managed.



Cook's Favorite Apple Products? All Of Them!
When asked about his favorite Apple products, Cook responded with an answer that perhaps most children with siblings are familiar with from their parents: Cook doesn't have a favorite product, he loves all Apple products equally – the iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch, and HomePod mini are all equally fantastic products, according to Cook. However, Cook forgot the Mac in the list when listing "all" of Apple's products, oddly enough. Despite that moment of forgetfulness, it's hard to reasonably claim that Cook "dislikes" the Mac.

The Alleged Origin Of Apple's New Repair Program
Another important theme was also touched upon at the event – Apple's new repair program, which has been met with significant praise from "Right to Repair" groups. No one in the industry is under the illusion that Apple started the program out of the "goodness of its corporate heart". Rather, pretty much everyone is of the understanding that Apple started the program in anticipation of otherwise genuine consequences should Cupertino have held to its previous course with regards to the "Right to Repair" controversy. According to Cook, however, there was another motivation entirely. After all of these years, Apple apparently realized that some users would like to be able to perform their own repairs and thus decided to release the corresponding instructions and parts to the public in the form of its new and upcoming self service repair program. However, Cook said that users who aren't confident performing their own repairs can simply visit any "Apple Store" (Cook did use the term "store" in this instance) and have their device serviced there instead.

Three Important "Areas" For The Future
At the end of the interview, Cook offered up a bit of information concerning Apple's future plans. Of course, he didn't want to reveal too much, however, he did provide a rough outline of the directions Cupertino is headed in. Apple continues to focus very intensely on Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with "Autonomy" – the last time Cook used the term, it was explicitly with reference to Apple's self-driving cars. This time the term was simply used as an entry in a list of items.

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