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Is A 15" MacBook Air On The Way?

The MacBook Air isn't just a successful line-up, statistically, it's Apple's most successful model in the Mac portfolio. Purely in terms of units, a large part of the transition from ARM has already been accomplished, as the MacBook Air 13" and MacBook Pro 13" account for most of Apple's sales figures. For a while now, it's been rumored that Apple is working on a 2nd variant of the MacBook Air with a 15" display. Now, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has chipped in his 2 cents and stated that this is the case – Apple is working on a 15" MacBook Air.

The Rumors Aren't New
Rumors of Apple working on a 15" MacBook Air were present before the switch to M1. In recent years, Apple has done very little to change the design of the Air model, mostly out of fear of negative consequences. There's also the concern that a 15" MacBook Air model could detract customers from the 16" Pro model, leading to competition and stealing Pro customers who only decided upon the more expensive MacBook due to the increased display size.



The MacBook Air: Up Until Now Only Available In 13"

According to Gurman, Apple is seriously considering the introduction of a 15" MacBook Air and already in the process of developing such a device. However, some patience will be required before the device's release as it's still in development. Multiple reports consider a release this year to be likely, others hold a 2022 release to be more probable.

Faster Chip & Thinner Display Frame
In January Mark Gurman predicted that the current MacBook Air's successor would get a MagSafe charging port and the new iteration of Apple's M1 chip. The size of the display should also shrink somewhat, lending the device an even more modern appearance. According to current information, it's entirely conceivable that the next 13" MacBook Air will be released this fall to be followed by a new 15" model in the spring of 2022. Of all current rumors, certain are the design changes to the current 13" MacBook Air which hasn't received any visual treatment in years.

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