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Is Apple Planning A New Subscription Service For Audiobooks?

The days when Apple only sold hardware have long since passed. Many of the services that the tech giant offers, such as Apple TV+; Apple Music, exclusive Podcasts, and Apple Arcade, are also a considerable source of income. Cupertino offers so many services, that it's not always easy to keep track of things. Apple already provides the aforementioned streaming services along with the a fitness service for the Apple Watch. The company also possesses an impressive catalog of games for the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV, along with the Apple Arcade service – which allows users to pay a monthly fee to play and download a selection of games at no extra cost. Although Apple has yet to offer the service in some countries outside of the US, there's even a News+ service from Cupertino, with special newspapers and magazines. Now, it seems as if Cupertino will soon add another streaming division to its repertoire.

New Service Coming This Year?
An article from The Economist takes a closer look at Apple's current services, and also alleges a possible new addition. The news magazine declares that Apple will be taking a look at considering the addition of an audiobook service this year. The report doesn't mention any further details. Currently, audio books are available to purchase in the Books app, however, there are no streaming service options available for a select number of books per month as with other book services such as Amazon's Audible, for example. Previously, Audiobook were also available via Apple Music, however, this is no longer the case.



Apple Removes Audiobooks From The Music Catalog
Up until September 2021, Apple Music was the home for all of Cupertino's audiobooks. The company also released a number of audiobooks and radio broadcasts via the service. The latter are still a part of the portfolio, however, audiobooks have been secretly removed by Apple. A publisher confirmed the step from Cupertino, as per our German partner, It could be that Apple is preparing for a new audiobook subscription service, which would then presumably be part of the Apple One bundle. As per the extremely high margins that the company has managed to achieve with its other subscription services, another one wouldn't be inconceivable.

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