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Is There Going To Be An iMac Pro? Bloomberg Leaker Claims “Yes”

Details concerning the iMac 27” weren’t known at the time of its discontinuation, Apple stated no more than that 75% of its sales figures for computers consisted of notebooks, with the MacBook Air comprising the majority. The larger composite Mac desktop was officially discontinued in the spring of 2022, and the official statement from Apple indicated that the iconic Mac desktop would not see a successor. Although the discontinued device’s smaller counterpart, the iMac 24”, did receive a shiny new M1 chip and has been available for purchase as such since May 2021, Cupertino decided against a release of the larger version following rumors of complications during development and production. Every few months since, the occasional article in tech journals has popped up with claims that there will be a new edition of the “iMac Pro”, however — these articles have somewhat contradictorily failed to distinguish whether or not the “Pro” moniker is a reference to no more than the device’s display size, or its general ranking in the Apple performance hierarchy.

iMac Pro With M3 Max?
In his most recent newsletter, Mark Gurman gives his 2 cents concerning the matter. Gurman is a well-known Apple leaker, journalist, and analyst. In the past, his predictions have proven to be often eerily accurate, although his tech forecasts are not agreed to always be free of error. Accordingly, Apple is indeed working on an iMac with a larger display. A release is, however, not expected any time soon. Similarly to as in an earlier report, Gurman stresses again that Apple should rely on an M3 Pro or Max chip for the device — with the fall of 2023 considered the earliest possible release. These would be the same processors that would more than likely also be used for the MacBook Pro cone the end of 2023.



Standard Consumers No Longer The Target Group
The intended users of such an iMac would no longer be the standard Mac customer simply desiring a desktop Mac with a larger display. Instead, Apple should set the device onto the Pro track — meaning that the device would be intended for professional purposes and users. Those not satisfied with the combination of Mac Studio and Studio Display would be the primary target customer group. Various sources indicate that the upcoming iMac should possess a display with a diagonal of 30-32” as compared to the Studio Display’s 27”. The Pro Display XDR comes with the same dimensions, but is from a much higher price class.

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