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Job Opening Revealed – Is Apple Expanding Its Advertising Efforts?

The days when Apple ran a digital advertising platform are already long gone. Now, more than six years have passed since the Californian-based company discontinued its iAd service – launched in 2010, the platform enabled app developers to include ads in their applications. Since then, Apple has limited its advertising business to the sale of display space in the App Store and the News app, offered only in select countries.

Apple Constructing Demand Side Platform
Apple apparently wishes to significantly expand its advertising business in the future by taking in more money from the sale of ad space. The most obvious indication of this is a rather noticeable increase in job openings in this context, according to Digiday. Amongst other things, Cupertino is currently searching for a Senior Manager to oversee and advance the construction of a DSP (Demand Side Platform) – a technology that helps customers automate digital advertising campaigns with the help of various factors. A large part of the process nowadays includes machine learning. In the description of the job position, Apple writes that the future employee would work on an advanced DSP, ensuring the highest degree of data protection and privacy.



Applicant Pool Limited To Most Experienced
The requirements that Apple lists in the job opening are enough to reveal exactly how seriously the company is taking the expansion of its in-house advertising business: All applicants are required to have more than 8 years of experience with the relevant services – and this needs to be with services directed towards an audience of hundreds of millions of people. The construction of an automated Demand Side Platform is exceptionally personal and cost-intensive – Apple is surely investing a large sum in the project.

Spotlight & Apple Maps – Soon With Advertisements?
It's very likely that Apple is soon to plan the sale of advertisements in areas outside of the App Store and News app. The details are, however, thus far not very well known. It's possible that Apple plans to expand its advertising business to Apple TV+, maybe even with a similar model to the one announced by Netflix last month. It's most likely that Cupertino will expand the service to include live broadcasts of baseball, American football, and European football, however. Another further possibility, however, is the usage of DSP during Spotlight searches or the usage of Apple Maps. The return of iAD under a new name and with modernized technology is certainly not out of the question. However, it could take some time for Apple's intentions to clarify themselves entirely.

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