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Jon Prosser: AirTags & New iPad Pro Models Coming This March

In the developer version of iOS 13, there were already indications of a new Apple product – the AirTags. The Apple AirTags can be attached to various devices, items, and keychains and located using "Find my iPhone" when lost. Many assumed that the AirTags would receive their first showing in the Fall of 2019 – but it didn't end up happening. Come 2020 and there were even more leaks, news about Apple's new "smart tags", and even articles about AirTag accessories, but Apple still didn't end up announcing the product. The reason for Apple's hesitation is currently unknown. It's likely that the product has been met with technical difficulties and that Apple wants to avoid a debacle similar to that encountered by the Qi-powered AirPower wireless charging station. Apple eventually announced the AirPower wireless charging station but after several hurdles in the development process and several delays in release, the product was buried.

AirTags & iPad Pro In March
Well-known leaker, Jon Prosser, now claims to have discovered plans for the announcement of 2 products this March: the Apple Airtags should finally be shown to the public for the first time; together with new models of the iPad Pro. In the past, Prosser has reliably predicted the announcement of the 2nd gen. iPhone SE, as well as an update to the iMac – although his previous predictions concerning the AirTags were wrong, the Fall of 2020 passed with no announcement of Apple's rumored smart tags.



iPad Pro With A14X?
Apple updated the iPad Pro product line last year in March 2020, equipping it with an A12Z processor instead of an A12X. The only difference between the two is the number of GPU cores (8 vs. 7), other than that the new 7nm A12Z is the same as its predecessor, the A12X. The iPad Pro with the A12X processor was released in 2018, ever since then, customers have been waiting on an iPad with A13 or 14 processors.

In 2020, the iPad Air received a gift – an Apple A14 processor. It's still unclear what chip the new iPad Pro will be receiving, however, it's likely to be a 5nm A14 with performance advantages over the A14s present in other iPads, thus redeeming the "Pro" in the "iPad Pro". At the moment, it's not advised to purchase an iPad Pro, given the current model's aging processor. Those interested in purchasing a new iPad are advised to buy an iPad Air or to wait for the release of the next iPad Pro.

Macs This March?
There are even rumors that Apple will be announcing more Macs equipped with their new in-house chips, for example, a MacBook Pro 16" and iMac with faster M-processors. However, it's also possible that Apple might wait until Summer or even Fall to do so.

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