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Jon Prosser Drops A Bomb – Reveals Renderings Of iPhone 14 Prototypes

On Twitter, the infamous leaker Jon Prosser roused quite the discussion by dropping a rather cryptic hint. It's already official public knowledge that an Apple event is taking place on September 14th and that the arrival of the iPhone 13 is expected to take place during the event. An image of a 13 casting a shadow that makes a 14 captioned "I'm sorry, Tim" was posted by Jon Prosser shortly after. After posting the image, Jon Prosser sorted for even more disruption when he issued another tweet suggesting that an upcoming leak had "nothing to do with this year's iPhone". Prosser's third post turned the heat up even further, with claims of something big on the way, the likes of which had never before been leaked. Now, the cat's out of the bag, and after much anticipation, Prosser finally reveals all.

Bad News For Apple
According to the man himself, those who see Prosser's upcoming leak had better not buy the iPhone 13. If Prosser's information is correct, 2022's iPhone will bring even more changes and improvements with it, with many of the features wished for the iPhone 13 – such as a complete redesign including the removal of the infamous "notch". Thus far, however, Prosser can't confirm whether or not Apple will actually switch to a periscope camera or not – but he did mention that the batteries will be much larger. One thing's for certain though, Apple will continue to rely on lightning connection instead of USB-C.



Prosser & Team Have Allegedly Already Seen Prototypes
Prosser stresses that things are still very early and that in time and that some of the information provided may no longer be true by the time the product finally releases. The device which he and his team allegedly saw and upon which they have based these renderings was an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

One detail that's quite easy to spot is how the overall design of the front of the phone changes when the front camera is put into a "punch hole" and the sensors for Face ID are moved to a frame embedded in the upper housing.

The following image shows the iPhone 14 from the side, although it's of course only a rendering of 2022's upcoming iPhone generation. Prosser doesn't own a functioning copy. There's also another significant change from the iPhone 11 to 13: the formerly always voluminous camera module on the back has become flush in the renderings. This would fulfil a long time wish for many Apple customers, as hardly anyone finds the cameras attractive as they are:

Prosser is frequent to proudly mention that he's been blocked by Phil Schiller, a member of Apple's executive team, on Twitter. As a man of tradition, Prosser makes no exception in the case of the following rather amusing renderings:

Lastly, Prosser's complete video concerning the matter, in his usual rambunctious manner:

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