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Kang: Apple Sues Multiple Leakers – A New Edition In The War Of Apple Vs. Rumor Sites?

More than 15 years ago, Apple won a huge battle in the war against leaker sites. After reports of an alleged FireWire interface surfaced, Apple attempted to force websites to reveal the source of their information in court. To this day, it's still not known whether any such FireWire interface was planned – however, Apple lost the battle in court. The verdict at the time stated that web blogs and news sites were subject to the same protections as traditional media from the past and thus immune to the lawsuit. For the most reliable tech rumor site at the time, "Think Secret", the lawsuit still meant the end. Think Secret ended up settling with Apple and shut down shortly after.

Lawfirm Pursuing Leakers
Now, it appears as if Apple is returning to the old field of battle. According to the well-known leaker Kang, Apple is pursuing numerous leakers with the help of a contracted law firm. In the name of Apple, the law firm is warning leakers not to spread unannounced information concerning Apple projects. This is a somewhat risky process for Apple, as it also gives competitors insight into which leaks might be true and can thus give competitors a good idea of what some of Apple's secret projects might be, on the other hand it's also good for the company – as less confusion for customers could arise as a result of "false leaks" or "fake news". Kang did not mention which leakers are affected and who might now have to fear further legal action.



Criticism Of Apple's Recent Actions & Arguments
Kang criticises Apple's recent actions, as they've also pursued action against leakers who have been extremely vague or simply offered no more than speculation. For example, when leaker "L0vetodream" talks about specific features that he's dreaming of seeing in the next software or hardware release, that's hardly an indication of a breach of company security or release of confidential company information. Leakers will now have to be much more careful with their statements. When even such minor statements can now be considered "leaks", it'll be very difficult to discuss upcoming hardware releases.

Kang – A Reliable Source
Somewhat ironically, Kang commented that those who want to avoid getting into trouble with Apple should stop posting anything that the company dislikes. He himself has deleted several posts from the internet in order to not end up on the company's bad side in the recent confrontations. Kang refrained from mentioning which forecasts, predictions, or leaks may have been in the deleted posts. Last year, Kang was one of the most reliable leakers for information concerning the iPhone SE, Apple Watch SE, the new iPads, and even 2020's WWDC. However, Kang has never leaked photos of unreleased hardware and personally differentiates himself from leakers such as Jon Prosser, Duan Rui, or Mr. White in this regard.

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