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Kuo: A Completely New iPhone In 2023 – 2022, Disappearance Of The Notch?

According to numerous reports, Apple isn't planning any fundamental changes for this year's iPhone 13. After the iPhone 12's already-significant design change, further design adaptations weren't expected anyway. However, there are still quite a few expected innovations making the rounds through the rumor-mill, for example, up to 1TB of memory, faster 5G, possibly longer battery time, a display with a higher refresh rate and increased sensitivity to light, as well as an ultra-widefield camera. Market oracle Ming-Chi Kuo claims that a few of the plans for the 2022 and 2023 generations have even seeped through the cracks. Presumably, most of his information comes from suppliers, as Kuo is exceptionally well-connected.

2022: Out With The Notch In With The Hole
The release of the iPhone X sorted for a great deal of agitation, with the distinctive black recess above the screen. Meanwhile, customers have become so accustomed to the notch that it's become an accepted feature of the new iPhones. Nevertheless, none of Apple's customers (nor anyone at Apple, for that matter) would complain were it to simply disappear. According to Kuo, there might be some hope for such an occurrence come 2022 – at least in the high-end models, Apple could rely on a display camera similar to that of the "punch hole" design on some Android phones. Kuo doesn't mention any further details.



2023: Entirely New Construction
For years now, rumors have circled that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone. Now, Kuo has some new insight into the situation, with the surprising revelation that a foldable iPhone could come as early as the year after next. The new information states that Apple wants to release such a foldable iPhone with an 8" display by 2023. The schedule is of course subject to outcomes in the testing phases, should Cupertino decide that the product has encountered too many hurdles, then they'll play it safe as usual. Apple hopes to avoid the same debacle encountered by the first Android flip-smartphones.

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