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Kuo: Apple Glasses Coming Second Half Of 2022

For years now, developers in Apple's most top-secret divisions have been working on a new category of product – AR glasses and a VR headset. Indications have ranged from brow-raising personnel decisions to an accident report and even an internal event at Apple. Not much time is expected to pass until Apple presents a headset – even there are very different statements concerning this. In earlier reports, it was speculated that Apple would showcase its new AR/VR glasses/headset long before the start of sales.

Supplier Data Indicates 2022
Now, Ming-Chi Kuo (a well known and reputable Apple news source and leaker) has joined in again, indicating that he has information from a supplier said to be one of Apple's key partners in this new venture. Apparently, the company "Genius" is responsible for producing the lens systems and cameras for the Apple Glasses – which should have up to 15 inside and out. However, Apple won't make use of the parts until 2022, according to Kuo and until then, we're not likely to see an Apple headset in stores. Similarly to Bloomberg, Kuo speculates that the first version of the Apple Glasses will be limited to a relatively small target group – as per the likely four-digit price tag.



Bloomberg Foresees A Long Way Ahead
Back in April, Bloomberg reported that Apple was planning a small event for the demonstration of the company's first pair of AR glasses and VR headset. The event is supposed to take place in Cupertino and provide developers with the opportunity to take a look at the new products hardware and software features. Due to the specifics of the product category, the developer community would need time in advance in order to produce software or applications available for the products' launch – thus the event. The new products should be released within a few months of the initial announcement/demonstration event. In agreement with Kuo, Bloomberg also doesn't see a release before 2022 as likely. The life of the new platform will depend on its ability to attract enough third parties for survival.

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