Tuesday, Mar 08, 2022, 12:33 Mac: Hardware

Kuo – Apple Silicon Mac Pro & iMac Pro Delayed Until 2023, New External Display Without Mini-LED

The first Apple event of the year is set to take place this week, and it's possible that we will see some revisions to multiple devices. If Ming-Chi Kuo is to believed, this event holds no chance for a new Apple Silicon iMac Pro, or any time before 2023 for that matter. Although the rumor mill had already changed its previous forecast from "this March" to "this summer" – Apple has apparently decided to delay things until 2023 entirely, according to Kuo. Of course, this doesn't rule out an M1-based derivative of the former 27" Intel iMac in 2022. The previous forecast was for the Apple Silicon iMac Pro was that Apple was going to give the device an upgraded M1 Max with more cores – according to the recently updated time plan, however, it's going to be an M2 Max – which wouldn't see a release until 2023.

Neither The iMac Pro Nor The Mac Pro In 2022 – Mac Studio Instead?
Kuo also had some comments to make about the Apple Silicon Mac Pro and doesn't expect there to be a new edition this year either. Just like in the case of the iMac Pro, our favorite company in Silicon Valley will wait until 2023 – which further points to the conclusion that both of these devices will see an M2-based release and not utilize an upgraded variant of the M1 Max. At the same time, there have also been reports that Apple may be working on a "Mac Studio", or a sort of small Mac Pro. This could debut this summer at this year's WWDC, and probably be the most powerful Mac until the release of the iMac Pro and Mac Pro with Apple Silicon. As far as the design is concerned, the same aluminum housing as the Mac mini's should be used. The expected performance should be of use to those who need even more performance than what Cupertino currently offers. Even without a high-end Mac Pro, Apple would be quite well represented in the high-end sector.



Displays – Less Expensive & Bigger
There's still a third theme which has been discussed intensively for months – it's very likely that Apple will release at least one more external display. As per Kuo, the display should have a diagonal of 27", however, it won't be a Mini LED. Kuo expects "this year" to be a reasonable time for the device to hit the market, whereas Mark Gurman from Bloomberg expects something a little bit sooner. Additionally, there's also some new information concerning a follow up to the Pro Display XDR. Although a release before the end of this year isn't expected, the device should support 7K, be up to 36", and may possibly come with an A-chip. However, as per the timeline Kuo just gave, it's more likely a 2023 release.

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