Tuesday, Jan 05, 2021, 15:23 Hardware

Kuo: Apple's Plans for 2021 – New Products and Upgrades

2020 came with quite a few interesting hardware improvements and 2021 shouldn't be any less exciting. The well-known analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has recently made his "forecast" of Apple's plans for 2021 public. Ming-Chi's sources have proven accurate in the past, making these more recent predictions highly relevant. One especially important subject? The progression of the Mac sector. Kuo has said that Apple will release the follow up to the MacBook Pro 13" M1 in 2021 with a 14" display. In addition, a practically new MacBook Pro 16" is in the works and considerable changes to the iMac are to be expected – not only to interior components (e.g., M1X, Apple graphics cards) but also to exterior features (a 24" display instead of a 21.5" display).



Is Apple Taking the Leap into Augmented Reality?
Though the pending changes to the Mac sector shouldn't be of much surprise, another of Kuo's predictions may come across slightly differently: Kuo alleges the introduction of an entirely new Apple Product. Without getting into specifics, he mentioned an "augmented" or "virtual reality device". The prediction that Apple is working on an "augmented" or "virtual reality" device shouldn't be too out of touch with reality for those who have read the countless recent reports of Apple's "next big project". These reports are most likely not about the Apple glasses, as it's been alleged that Apple would like to enter the new AR/VR market with a standard VR device.

iPads, the Mini LED, and Accessories
2021 should finally be the year that Apple releases the AirTags, a tracking device used to find lost objects. Kuo doesn't give a more exact time plan for this prediction but according to other sources, Apple's shooting for a spring release. A new iPad release is planned to accompany the new AirPods/AirPods Pro, with the next iPad Pro becoming perhaps the first mini LED tablet. However, it should still take another year until mini LED displays are added to all notebooks, according to Kuo. Although 2021 brings with it quite a bit of news for MacBooks, the next revision of the MacBook Air isn't expected until 2022. Kuo didn't have anything further to say about the iPhone 13, but a release in September is to be expected.

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