Monday, Jan 30, 2023, 16:08 iOS: Hardware

Kuo Comments On 20" Foldable iPad & Next iPad mini Generation

In his "Power On" newsletter one week ago, Mark Gurman mentioned that 2023 should be a very quiet product-year for the iPad-sector. Although hardware upgrades could still technically occur by the end of 2023 at the earliest, no significant iPad product updates are expected until 2024. Alongside a rumored reworked iPad Pro, reports concerning the next major, pending events in the iPad-sector have also involved a new generation of the iPad mini. Now, market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has added to the discussion, adding an entirely new product series to the rumors. This rumored product would mark the addition of an entirely new product category to Apple's lineup, one which many in the Android sector are already familiar with – the foldable touchscreen device. At the time being not intended for iPhones, the concept would open up a whole field of new possibilities for Apple tablets.

Foldable iPad 20" (2024)
Although Apple has allegedly buried its plans for a 14" iPad, plans for a foldable tablet should still remain in place for a 2024 release. The device is expected to have a display diagonal of 20" and a carbon fiber-finished stand. Ross Young, known for his exceptionally accurate prognoses in the display-sector, had previously commented on the device – mentioning the fall of 2024 as the earliest possible release date. There's not currently any other information concerning the rumors, but it's possible that Apple is currently weighing a macOS release for its larger iPads.



iPad mini (2024) – A Pure Spec-Upgrade
The next model of the smallest iPad should follow a very traditional path. At the moment, all indications are that Apple will subject the device to a spec-update and equip it with a quicker processor – with few changes to be expected otherwise. The current model, released in September 2021, brought with it several important innovations to the design (a larger display, Touch ID in the upper button, USB-C). Current indications point to the device remaining more than 2 years in the lineup. Thus, the next set of extensive changes aren't foreseen until the generation after next at the earliest. Long model cycles aren't uncommon for the iPad mini, although Apple frequently updates its other tablet series at a much greater frequency.

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