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Kuo: MacBook Pro Mini-LED This Fall – New MacBook Air With M2 & Mini-LED Coming 2022

Last fall, Apple equipped the first Macs with the much anticipated new Apple Silicon technology and first series of M-chips. The first Apple Silicon devices debuted were the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro 13", and the Mac mini. Although the innards had been completely rearranged, the outward appearance of the devices stayed true to that of the former Intel variants. The only difference was with the Mac mini, which saw the color of its exterior housing Space Gray to Silver. By spring, a completely redesigned iMac joined the Apple Silicon ranks.

New Displays For The MacBook Pro
Numerous reputable sources foresee a reworked MacBook Pro line this fall – with a new a higher tier M1 chip, up to 12 processors, and better graphical capabilities. In addition, Apple will swap out the displays from traditionally backlit displays in favor of new Mini-LED technology which can completely darken parts of the display. The larger version of the MacBook Pro will still have a 16" display, however, the smaller MacBook Pro will see an increase in size from 13.3" to 14".



MacBook Air 2022 With M2
The exceptionally well-informed Ming-Chi Kuo has recently reported that Apple is planning an entirely new generation of the MacBook Air for 2022. The next MacBook Air will likely be the first Mac with an M2 processor, the successor to the broadly acclaimed M1 Apple Silicon chip. The number of CPU cores arriving with the M2 will be identical to that of the M1 (4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores) – however, the new chip is expected to come with more graphics cores (9-10 vs. the M1's 7-8). Despite having the same number of CPU cores, a performance increase is still expected – as Apple will likely plan the chip's design based on the 2021 Apple A15.

New Design, MagSafe, Thunderbolt, Mini-LED
Although the MacBook Air remained the same as its former Intel counterpart in terms of exterior appearance, the 2022 MacBook Air is expected to see a redesign. Likely similar in terms of the exterior shaping and color scheme of that of the recently redesigned iMac with M1. In addition to receiving Thunderbolt and USB 4 connections, the next MacBook Air should also return to the sorely missed magnetic "MagSafe" charging technology discontinued in 2016. The size of the edges of the display will also be decreased.

The Return Of MagSafe
It's already more or less certain that MagSafe is making a comeback with the MacBook Pro. The indications are numerous. Thus, it makes perfect sense that the next MacBook Air would also receive the technology. The size of the MacBook Air's display is not likely to see a change and should remain 13.3", although Apple will swap out the current display for Mini-LED.

Kuo has only mentioned that Apple will present the next MacBook Air in 2022, without any concrete details concerning a release date. The presentation will occur in the summer, during Apple's yearly traditional Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple frequently refrains from hardware announcements during the WWDC, however, it's possible that Cupertino could be planning on announcing the first M2 chip and presenting the next MacBook Air all at once.

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